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RagingWire Data Center
Santa Clara, California

RagingWire is one of the early companies that helped build the data center colocation industry with 140 data center in 17 countries.  Their first facility in the Silicon Valley region will be in Santa Clara with 160,000 square feet of space on 4 stories and a 3.3 acre campus.  The structure will include base isolation to reduce seismic shaking.

Geocon performed environmental services including a Phase 1 assessment followed by additional studies to drill and monitor for contaminates.  As the project progressed, Geocon performed a geotechnical investigation.  Construction is expected in 2020 and 2021.

Interesting facts: Colocation centers provide power (including independent generators), cooling, bandwidth and physical security for servers, storage and network equipment for rent.

RagingWire Data Centers

Geotechnical Engineering
Environmental Services

Geocon Leaders
Rick Day, CEG CHG
Shane Rodacker, GE

Levees / Dams / Reservoirs Projects
Cactus Basin
Rialto, California
Dawson Canyon Reservoir and Water Main
Temescal Valley, California
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