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Cactus Basin
Rialto, California

The five basins of the Cactus Basin project is a joint project between the City of Rialto and the County of San Bernardino.  Existing Basins 1 and 2 have been augmented by the enlargement of Basin 3.  Future construction envisions the addition of Basin 4 and 5.  Additional flow from the I-210 project by Caltrans added flow to the system requiring enlargement of Basin 3.  The basins are designed to mitigate increased stormwater flow, provide habitat restoration and recharge groundwater.

Geocon provided materials testing and observation during construction of Stage 1 of Cactus Basin No. 3 enlargement for San Bernardino Flood Control.   This Department of Safety of Dam regulated project was recently given final approvals.

County of San Bernardino

Construction Inspection

Geocon Leaders
Lisa Battiato, CEG

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Cactus Basin
Rialto, California
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