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Beale AFB Miller & Upper Blackwelder Dams
Marysville, California

The Miller Dam within Beale Air Force Base is a 26-foot-high earth dam constructed of rock fill in 1962 with a capacity of 814 acre-feet.  Due to several overtopping events, additional spillway capacity and outlet works were constructed.  Upper Blackwelder Dam is 19 feet high and stores about 330 Acre-feet of water.  Similar overtopping events requires improvements to the dam consisting of outlet works replacement and construction of spillways.

Geocon joined the Wreco/Dokken design build team for the improvements to Miller Dam and contracted directly with the Air Combat Command for the Upper Blackwelder Dam.  Services included preparation of Seepage and Slope Stability Reports, Geotechnical Investigation, Site Characterization Reports followed by construction observation at both dams.

APWA 2018 Project of the Year

Dokken Engineering

Owner / Agency
Air Combat Command

Geotechnical Engineering
Engineering Geology
Construction Inspection

Geocon Leader
Jeremy Zorne, GE

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