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Dawson Canyon Reservoir and Water Main
Temescal Valley, California

The Temescal Valley Water District was originally the Lee Lake Water District.  Since that time, the District has transformed from a supplier of agricultural water to supplying water to the 15,000 customers in Temescal Valley.

To ensure adequate supplies, the District embarked on the new Dawson Canyon Transmission Main and Reservoir. The project included the construction of a 16-inch recycled water main and 1.5 million gallon water reservoir.  Construction of the transmission main and reservoir was performed concurrently.

As the District’s on-call consultant, Geocon’s scope included inspection and testing services included geotechnical observation and testing services, observation of reservoir foundations, concrete sampling, welding and bolting inspections, radiographic testing of welds and epoxy coating inspections.

Temescal Valley Water District

Geotechnical Engineering
Engineering Geology
Construction Inspection

Geocon Leaders
Lisa Battiato, CEG

Clean Water / Wastewater Treatment Projects
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