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I-805 North HOV/BRT Design-Build
San Diego, California

From 2012 to 2016, Geocon worked with the design-build team of Skanska/AECOM to design and construct the new 3½ mile HOV/BRT lanes on Interstate 805 from State Route 52 north to Mira Mesa Boulevard in San Diego. The project included the widening of four major bridges and the construction of up to 52-foot-high retaining walls for the Direct Access Ramp (DAR). The total project cost for stage one is estimated to be $175 million and the geotechnical work exceeded $600,000.

Geotechnical investigations were performed and preliminary foundation reports and foundation reports were prepared for the design and construction of major structures including the Carroll Canyon DAR Bridge and Overhead (BOH) and Retaining Walls, Governor Drive Undercrossing, Mira Mesa Boulevard Undercrossing, Rose Canyon BOH, and Soledad Canyon BOH. Geocon also performed a geotechnical investigation and prepared a geotechnical design report for the associated roadway improvements including retaining walls, soundwalls, overhead sign posts, detention basins, bioswales, onsite drainage facilities, and numerous structural pavement sections.

During construction , Geocon provided geotechnical testing and observation services during construction of the bridge and retaining wall foundations and a large soil nail wall for the DAR. The project team received 2017 ASCE Outstanding Award, 2017 APWA Outstanding Award, and 2017 CTF Transportation Award (Finalists).

AECOM / Skanska

Owner / Agency

Geotechnical Engineering
Engineering Geology

Geocon Leader
Yong Wang, GE

“I have enjoyed working with you on the terrific I-805 Design-Build Project. What a ride it has been! I have sincerely appreciated all of your help and hard work on this project and it would be an honor for me to work with you again!”

Michael Crull, NCM Engineering Corporation (formerly with AECOM)
Multi-Modal Facilities Projects
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