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Manteca Firing Range
Manteca, California

The Manteca Police Firing Range was located on municipal waste treatment plant property from about 1960 to 2009 at which time a new indoor facility was opened.  All that remained, in 2015, when the City decided to convert the area into a Family Entertainment Zone was the range floor, impact berm, side berms, irrigation well, storage shed and a shade structure.

Due to the potential for lead contamination of the soil, Geocon was retained to perform a site investigation that included soil sampling, metal detector surveying, X-Ray Fluorescence surveying and trenching.  Based on the investigation and analysis, the upper 1 foot of soil and much of the berms, a total of 1,000 cubic yards, was removed and disposed of prior to development.  A Lead Compliance Health and Safety Plan and a Workplan for the cleanup was submitted by Geocon and approved by the environmental health agency.

City of Manteca /  TYLIN Int’l

Owner / Agency
City of Manteca

Environmental Services

Geocon Leaders
Rick Day, CEG, CHG

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