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Napa County Jail
Napa, California

Napa County was established in 1850 and currently consists of 800 square miles.  The Napa County Sheriff’s Office is housed in a state of the art facility near the airport. A new Napa County Justice Center is planned on a 27-acre site in south Napa.  The first project, a reentry facility, recently opened.  The new $128 million replacement Napa County Jail is in the design phase.

Geocon was retained by the project architect to perform a geotechnical investigation and a limited sampling for contaminants.  The facility is in final design and construction is planned to begin soon.

Interesting Fact: The first Napa County sheriff was Nathaniel McKimmey who was elected in 1853 when the population was 450 people.


Napa County

Geotechnical Engineering
Environmental Services

Geocon Leader
Jeremy Zorne, GE

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Napa County Jail
Napa, California
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