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Portola Hills Community
Lake Forest, California

This private gated community developed by the Baldwin & Sons/Sun Ranch Capital Partners group includes 7 unique neighborhoods on over 200 acres. The community is comprised of 700 single-family homes, a mixed-use commercial/residential area, multi-family housing and public and private parks and other residential facilities. The site had unique development challenges due to its steep topography, complex geologic conditions, stormwater retention requirements. Extensive grading required roughly 3.7 million cubic yards of excavation and 0.7 million cubic yards of remedial grading including extensive multi-tiered MSE retaining walls with a maximum height of 120 feet.

Geocon performed a geotechnical investigation as well as testing and observation during construction.

Interesting fact: Portola Hills was named after Gaspar de Portolá, California’s first terrestrial Spanish explorer, who passed through the vicinity in 1769.

Baldwin & Sons/Sun Ranch Capital Partners

Geotechnical Engineering
Engineering Geology
Construction Inspection

Geocon Leader
Shawn Weedon, GE

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Portola Hills Community
Lake Forest, California
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