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Centennial (Tejon Ranch) Development
Lebec, California

Centennial is a master planned community that will provide approximately 19,333 homes on 12,323 acres in the Tejon Ranch area to accommodate the growing residential needs in north Los Angeles County. The project includes 5,600 acres preserved for open space, 208 acres of commercial development, parks and school sites, a business park and significant infrastructure that will require numerous major roadways and local collectors, on site water treatment and permanent sewage treatment plants.

Geocon has been performing varying levels of study since its inception 1999. Our services have included performing geotechnical investigations, geologic studies for the EIR and a comprehensive fault study due to the site’s proximity to the San Andreas Fault.

Interesting fact: Tejon Ranch is the largest contiguous piece of private property in California

Centennial Founders, LLC

Geotechnical Engineering
Engineering Geology

Geocon Leader
Rod Mikesell, GE

Industrial / Manufacturing Projects
Spectrum IV
San Diego, California
The Campus
Eastvale, California
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