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Portola Center | Developing The Undevelopable – Geotechnical Solutions for Complex Hillside Construction

Geocon is proud to be offering our geotechnical services for the 200-acre Portola Center development located in the City of Lake Forest. Our very own Rupert Adams, CEG, was featured in GEOSTRATA where he discussed the challenging geological aspects of this project.

The site has required careful navigation of numerous geotechnical obstacles due to the limited amount of geotechnically straightforward land still available in Southern California for large-scale residential developments. As Southern California’s available land for large-scale developments dwindles, how can we continue to build for the future? At Geocon, we’re excited to be part of the solution by providing near-real-time coordination to navigate through geologic hazards, which in this case were slope stability issues due to the Puente Formation that underlies the entire development site. Geocon has been providing slope stability analyses to model subtle changes in geologic structure, and regularly updating the geologic model throughout construction to ensure that this ambitious project can be completed safely and efficiently.

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