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Borrego Solar

Geocon is leading the way in the conversion of California’s energy toward renewable sources.  Geocon has prepared geotechnical investigations, testing and observation and special inspection for more than 90 sites for Borrego Solar throughout California.  Most of the site are existing schools but have also included community centers, libraries, airports, maintenance yards, city halls, amusement parks and day cares.  While Borrego Solar is one of our larger solar energy clients, we have also an additional 200 site for other solar firms including Solar Monkey, Reno Contracting, Solar City, Sun Edison, Martifer Solar, Solar Tech, Solar World America, First Solar, Westhaven Solar, OpTerra Energy, American Energy, SPG Solar, Onyx Renewable, NextEra Energy and Stellar Energy.

Interesting Fact: Approximately 20 percent of California’s Electricity comes from solar

Borrego Solar

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Lisa Battiato, CEG

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