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Senior Engineer

San Diego

Professional Organizations
BIA (Active on the storm water committee – received the 2012 Chairman’s Award for work on the committee)


Shawn began his professional career in 1998, gaining geotechnical engineering experience throughout southern California. His experience encompasses a wide variety of projects for residential, commercial and public works clients. Shawn has been team member on projects that include multi-story office buildings, multi-family residential developments, large-scale land developments, parking structures, public and private school facilities, utilities, reservoirs, and waterfront structures. He also managed testing and observation services for drilled and driven piles, soil nails, soldier pile and tieback wall systems, and grading operations.  His experience and knowledge of geotechnical engineering contribute to the quality of his analyses in slope stability, liquefaction, shallow and deep foundation design, lateral pile design, and pavement design. Shawn has the reputation for providing creative geotechnical solutions and maintaining outstanding service for projects with critical schedules and budgets.

Shawn also stays active in the community. He teaches the geotechnical portion of the Professional Engineer Review Course, presents basic geology to a second grade class in Chula Vista annually, provides a presentation on geotechnical engineering to San Diego State University, and other organizations. Shawn recently presented to San Diego Coastkeeper about the geotechnical challenges associated with Low Impact Development. Shawn also commissions the Architect/Engineer/Geologist/Contractor Softball League since 2008 that includes about 40 San Diego firms.

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