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Vice President
Senior Engineer

San Diego

Professional Organizations
ASCE Geotechnical Division


As a senior engineer and manager, Rod oversees field studies and testing and observation services for both small and large scale residential and commercial developments, including land development for subdivisions, university and public-school facilities, multi-story office buildings, parking structures, and public and private infrastructure. He also manages testing and observation services during grading and construction of vertical walls and drilled and driven pile foundations. His computer analysis skills contribute to the depth of his detailed reports and recommendations. His experience since 1994 and knowledge of geotechnical engineering contribute to the quality of his analysis in slope stability, liquefaction, shallow and deep foundation design, lateral pile design and pavement design.

Rod is the father of three boys and two girls and enjoys spending time outdoors with his family while hiking, biking, camping, hunting, and fishing. He also enjoys traveling with his wife and kids and especially looks forward to their annual trip to Wyoming to visit family and friends.

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