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Director of Information Technology and Security

San Diego


Nelson brings an extensive 23-year background in Information Technology to his role at Geocon. Since joining the company in 2014, he has been at the helm of all day-to-day IT operations and infrastructure, showcasing his adept leadership and technical skills. His keen insight into cutting-edge technologies has optimized IT infrastructure, aligning seamlessly with organizational goals. Nelson’s IT solutions have not only driven operational efficiency but have also been pivotal in supporting Geocon’s business growth.

One of Nelson’s notable achievements includes spearheading the secure migration of Geocon’s data to a cloud-based system. This transition significantly enhanced data security and system efficiency, underlining Nelson’s commitment to staying at the forefront of IT advancements. His proactive approach extends beyond day-to-day operations to a dedicated focus on cybersecurity. He stays current with industry trends and best practices, engaging in cybersecurity awareness training, penetration testing, risk assessments, and vulnerability identification. This comprehensive approach contributes to fortifying the overall security posture of the organization.

Beyond the professional realm, Nelson leads an active lifestyle, demonstrating his strength not only in IT but also in judo and at the gym. When he is not at the gym or throwing people on the mat, he and his wife cherish moments of exploration and relaxation, from traveling with their adult children to enjoying a good glass of wine.

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