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Business Development Director for the San Diego Area

San Diego, California

Professional Organizations


Jodie began her career in 2006, in London, England, at a construction recruiting firm looking to expand their operations out to the Middle East. With little knowledge of the construction industry, or in fact the Middle East, Jodie spent hours researching both, asking questions and learning. A year later, after gaining the title of “rookie of the year”, Jodie realized that her passion was within the construction industry. She regularly threw on a hard hat and boots and went onsite to visit clients, in the quest to learn more about the projects she was recruiting for.  In 2008, following the recession in most of the world, Jodie accepted an offer from a Blue Chip International Recruiting company in Dubai to run their construction and engineering division. It was there where she monopolized the geotechnical engineering and heavy civils market, working with the majority of the contractors and consulting firms in the region. It was at this point Jodie was given the nickname “PQ”, or “The Piling Queen” at a networking event she had hosted. Jodie continued to recruit within the industry, helping professionals find their next career move. However, it was clear that her passion and interest was geared towards the business development aspect of the role she had. Jodie’s friendly demeanor and technical knowledge of the industry has helped her create and maintain genuine and long term business relationships across multiple continents, and always with a smile on her face.

Jodie is a keen explorer at heart and caught the travel bug from her parents at a very young age as they holidayed all over the world. Jodie has visited every continent except Australia (watch this space), including an incredible visit to the majestic white continent, (Antarctica) in search of her favorite animal, the King Penguin. She enjoys spending time by the pool with her children Brandon & Alyssa and her husband, a recently retired Master Chief Petty Officer of the US Navy, Bryan. When not soaking up the sun with family… and a glass of champagne in hand, Jodie enjoys salsa dancing, singing and telling stories of her many years of travels!

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