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Geocon Completes Emergency PCB Cleanup Adjacent to Elementary School Site

Geocon recently completed rapid removal of over 4,500 tons of PCB-impacted soil from a vacant Imperial Irrigation District (IID) substation property located adjacent to an elementary school play field in Brawley, California. The cleanup was performed under voluntary agreement with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control with technical oversight provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The project was fast-tracked to facilitate cleanup of the property prior to transfer and use by the School District as additional play fields. The presence of PCBs in soil was identified during an environmental assessment completed by Geocon. PCBs in soil is likely attributable to incidental leakage of transformer cooling liquids. In addition to performing the site cleanup and restoration operations, Geocon assisted IID with community relations, health and safety monitoring, and regulatory oversight coordination during the fast-tracked cleanup.

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