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County of San Bernardino On-Call
San Bernardino, California

The County of San Bernardino is the largest county in the United States by area (20,000 square miles) and the 14thmost populous (2,200,000).  The County has 6 national protected areas and 35 wilderness area.

Geocon has had an on-call contract with the county to provide geotechnical and environmental services for public infrastructure such as sheriff stations, libraries, parks, schools, roadways, medical clinics, community centers and municipal buildings since 2015.


The San Bernardino County Department of Public Works has selected GEOCON in it’s competitive proposal process to provide Geotechnical, Construction Management, and Materials testing & Inspection services for several Capital Improvement Projects. These projects include road improvements, dam construction under the jurisdiction of California DWR/Dam Safety Division, and Flood Control Improvements subject to Army Corps 408 permit. Estimates provided for the work demonstrated a good understanding of their requested role and an accurate estimate of the manpower required to complete the work. GEOCON has provided exceptional service for all projects which they were engaged.  In addition to providing qualified and professional personnel they have assisted the Department in finding innovative solutions to avoid CCO’s and keep construction moving. Their final reports are concise, accurate, and delivered in a timely manner.

— Lawrence White, Resident Engineer, County of San Bernardino

County of San Bernardino

Geotechnical Engineering
Construction Inspection
Environmental Services

Geocon Leader
Lisa Battiato, CEG

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