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Nearly Fifty Years Ago

Jim Likins leveraged his house and bought Geocon for $5,000 with the vision of building it into one of the premier geotechnical consulting firms in San Diego. While serving 30 years as the founding CEO of Geocon, Likins grew the firm into a 100-employee firm with offices in San Diego, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Temecula specializing in geotechnical and environmental consulting for private and public clients with a focus on personalized service. His successor, Mike Chapin, added additional offices and grew Geocon into a leading geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, engineering geology, and construction inspection firm with multiple offices throughout California, Oregon, and Nevada.

We Now Enter a New Era

With Joe Vettel at our helm, we are focusing on expanding our service offerings, our client base, our target markets, and placing a continued emphasis on client satisfaction. The firm’s commitment to retaining creative, technically competent and responsive staff has been the key to its success. Professional staff at Geocon blossom early in their careers because they are given the opportunity to engage in all aspects of the geo-environmental business starting in their first year rather than being pigeonholed into one facet of the business while management assume the “higher” roles. This is possible because Geocon has a working owners group; engaged with staff, providing mentorship and oversight but also getting their hands dirty in the office and field.

Geocon has steady organic growth since 2009 with revenue more than 250 percent of our low in 2009 during the “Great Recession”.  Geocon management made a conscious decision years ago to have a diverse work mix, client base and geographic structure to weather the types of downturn we experienced in 2007-2010 and now with the COVID 19 shutdowns and are well positioned to rally as the economy rights itself. We are excited by the prospect of taking advantage of the new relationships we’ve made, the new market sectors we’ve entered, and the new expertise our staff has gained.

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