San Clemente Island Range Complex

Offshore, California
United States Navy


Geotechnical Engineering

Geocon Leaders

Joe Vettel

San Clemente Island was acquired by the U.S. Navy in 1934. It is the Navy's only remaining ship-to-shore live firing range, the center of the integrated air/land/sea San Clemente Island Range Complex, has an active sonar base, a simulated embassy for commando training, a rocket-test facility, the Naval Auxiliary Landing Field and a Navy SEAL training facility. Geocon performed an investigation of the concrete and asphalt pavements throughout the island including roadways, parking lots, and taxiways. The investigation included coring at over 90 locations to evaluate the existing pavement sections for a major upgrade project. Geocon also provided geotechnical services for the repair of the existing NOTS Pier, upgrades to two BEQs and arresting gear, and new utility and access roads at the airfield.

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