Christensen/Slade Residence

Corte Madera, California
NTC Development, Inc.


Geotechnical Engineering
Construction Inspection

Geocon Leaders

Shane Rodacker

Geocon performed a geotechnical investigation and testing and observation during construction for a new custom home on challenging hillside terrain in Corte Madera, California. The 4,000-square-foot wood- and steel-framed structure utilized a terraced design that resulted in the incorporation of numerous retaining walls, including “stacked” mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall systems up to approximately 25 feet in height. Site-specific grading recommendations were provided to mitigate the potential effects of a cut/fill transition within the building footprint. Conventional shallow footings and drilled shafts were used for foundations. Site development required the design and construction of various retaining wall systems, including soldier pile and lagging walls, conventional cast-in-place concrete retaining walls, and the MSE walls discussed above. Geocon’s construction services included testing and observation during site grading and foundation construction. Special inspection and materials testing services were also provided.

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