Greenway Rail to Trail

Whittier, California
City of Whittier


Environmental Services

Geocon Leaders

John Juhrend
Mike Conkle
Rick Day
Neal Berliner


"Throughout the contract, Geocon has consistently provided expert, professional services and has maintained an excellent working relationship with City staff from several departments. The work Geocon has done and continues to do for the City is the one aspect of the project that has run the smoothest. I highly recommend this firm with no reservations and would contract with them in the future should the need arise."

California Parks and Recreation Society Award of Excellence

The City of Whittier acquired 5.2 miles of abandoned Union Pacific (UP) railroad corridor for the construction of the Greenway Trail, a pedestrian trail and community park system. The rail corridor extends through residential and commercial/light industrial areas within downtown Whittier. Geocon was retained to provide Phase I and II environmental site assessment services prior to the City of Whittier finalizing the rail corridor purchase agreement with UP. The results of the Phase I study identified several areas of concern including slag ballast materials, historical weed control activities, debris fills and dumps, and adjacent facility impacts and encroachments. Geocon completed a fast-tracked Phase II site investigation to determine the nature and extent of the identified impacts. Geocon further prepared a correction action plan including a human risk assessment for identified heavy metal soil impacts associated with slag ballast materials, recommended remedial procedures and associated costs estimates.

We prepared a Remedial Action Workplan for the excavation of identified debris fill materials as approved by the Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACoFD). Shortly after, Geocon’s contracting division completed removal of over 5,500 tons of buried debris materials for disposal at a Class I landfill facility as California hazardous waste. The remedial soil excavation work was provided under fast-track emergency conditions based on project funding delays and required clean corridor conditions for the utility and trail grading contractors. We further provided environmental monitoring during installation of a 48-inch-diameter water main within the former rail corridor. These services included air monitoring, fugitive dust observation, and soil sampling and analysis for lead and arsenic. Geocon also provided an evaluation of arsenic levels in final grade soils for LACoFD-approved risk management capping measures.

We are currently working on the proposed Whittier Greenway Trail East Extension. Services include a Phase I ESA and a limited soil sampling and analytical testing program for pesticides and metals. The extension consists of an approximately 2.7-miles long surface easement adjacent to active UP Railroad tracks.

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