City of Visalia EPA Brownfields Grant

Visalia, California
City of Visalia


Environmental Services

Geocon Leaders

Russell Anthony
John Juhrend
Jim Brake
Matt Hutson

Geocon was retained by the City of Visalia to perform Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) under a $400,000 EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant for the 600+ acres of the “East Project Area” in northeast Visalia. Since the early-1900s, properties within the East Project Area have had various historical uses including a utility pole treatment facility, a manufactured gas plant, a Caltrans maintenance yard, several bulk fuel storage facilities, a cannery and food processing/packing facilities, commercial product warehouses, and numerous automobile fueling, sales/service, and repair facilities. The area currently includes a railroad, a bulk fuel storage facility, utility company maintenance and City corporation yards, gasoline stations and numerous auto repair shops, retail stores and restaurants, and residential development. Impacted sites within the East Project Area include an EPA Superfund site, property with permanent restricted land use due to in-situ contamination, and several leaking fuel tank sites where soil and the drinking water aquifer were affected. The City uses findings of our assessment activities to negotiate future land purchases and plan redevelopment projects. The City’s assessment grant has been extended to include a rural riparian property outside the East Project Area. We have completed 32 Phase I ESAs, a Phase II ESA, and two geophysical surveys. A Phase I ESA, preparation of a Phase II ESA Sampling and Analysis Plan for review and approval by the EPA, and implementation of an EPA-approved SAP are in progress.  Another Phase II ESA is anticipated.

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