Ivon Street Waterfront Development

Portland, Oregon
OSB2LAN Management, LLC.


Geotechnical Engineering
Environmental Services

Geocon Leaders

Wes Spang

Geocon completed a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment and geotechnical investigation at a former industrial site formerly used as a lumber yard and construction aggregate plant in Portland, Oregon.  The site encompasses approximately 3 acres along the east bank of the Willamette River.  At the time of our services, several large stockpiles of concrete and asphalt debris were located across the site.  A concrete seawall (approximately 20 feet in height) was located along the waterfront, and remnants of previous structures, including concrete slabs, foundations, and retaining walls were present throughout the property.

Geotechnical investigation identified the presence of an uncontrolled fill in the top 10-15 feet of the site and determined that the seawall was not suitable for future use.  An environmental assessment completed by others erroneously characterized the uncontrolled fill as being contaminated by oil-range petroleum hydrocarbons, which would have required significant fees to remediate.  Geocon coordinated detailed testing and review of analytical results for soil samples, which determined that the oil-range petroleum hydrocarbons were associated with asphalt, which is not regulated as a hazardous substance and negated the prior recommendations for remediation.

Based on the result of Geocon’s work, the site was purchased and plans for redevelopment are underway.   Proposed site development may initially consist of a one- or two-story car storage warehouse, and future additional development may include mixed-use office, retail and residential structures, dock, restaurant and other waterfront facilities.

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